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If you want them to be vulnerable or to communicate, you do too. Let go of the picture you and they have painted in your mind and come into reality.

Often in these situations, because one person starts acting funny, the other person does it too and of course that just makes an already tricky situation much trickier. These situations put one or both of you on a pedestal and it’s hard to keep up with a fast forwarding pace.

If we don’t get conscious, aware, and present, and discern what’s going on, we make dodgy decisions and adjust our thinking and behaviour to accommodate the self-judgement.

We try to influence and control their feelings and behaviour with people pleasing so that we get a rejection retraction and the preferred ending.

Take the U-turn as a warning to spend a bit more time getting to know each other and/or that you each need to learn the language of your relationship, so understanding each other’s position and how you each relate in certain situations, not so that you can pander to each other but so that learn how to work as a team and get the best out of each other. If it’s very early on in the proceedings, painful as it may be to acknowledge, they may have expressed certain sentiments and plans without the sincerity and reality to back it up.