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Robert Tischler, the chief architect of the German War Graves Commission from 1926 to 1959, decisively shaped the character of German war cemeteries at home and abroad.

[…]This paper recapitulates the changes that occurred to the German WWI graves on the Flanders Front from 1914 up to the period past WWII, when the task of maintaining the cemeteries was assigned to the Volksbund Deutsche Kriegsgräberfürsorge.

[…]Robert Tischler, the architect responsible for the two German war memorials in North Africa, in Tobruk, Libya (1954-1955) and in El Alamein, Egypt (1956-1959), had already constructed similar memorials during the National Socialist period.

[…]The paper analyses the diminishment of the importance of the medieval tower houses in Trogir caused by social, political, and economic changes as well as by the urban development and the changes in the city defence system.

[…]Until the German reunification, public perception of the graves and cemeteries of Russian prisoners of war has been rather marginal in both German states, in Europe and in the Soviet Union.

It is only after the discussions that started in the mid-1990s regarding the participation of the Wehrmacht in war crimes that […]The German soldiers who fell during the Second World War were buried in large cemetery complexes throughout Europe.

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