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Form of Request for Bench Warrant and Supporting Affidavit. The guidelines assume that if the obligor’s net income is at the poverty level, he or she is barely able to provide for his or her own basic needs.

The basic support amounts reflected in the schedule in Rule 1910.16-3 represent average marginal expenditures on children for food, housing, transportation, clothing and other miscellaneous items that are needed by children and provided by their parents, including the first $250 of unreimbursed medical expenses incurred annually per child. The depth and quality of this information is simply not available at the state level and would be prohibitively costly to gather. Although the committee reviewed these estimates, it is aware of only one state that relies upon the CNPP estimates as a basis for its child support schedule, and even that state makes certain adjustments. After the basic needs of the parents have been met, the child’s needs shall receive priority.

However, because the obligor’s disability created the children’s Social Security derivative benefits that the obligee is receiving, the obligor’s obligation is reduced by the amount of the benefit, $700.

As the obligor’s income is 48% of the parties’ combined monthly net income, the obligor’s preliminary share of the basic support obligation is $624.

(iv) In allocating additional expenses pursuant to Rule 1910.16-6, the allocation shall be based upon the parties’ incomes before the addition of the child’s benefit to the income of the party receiving it.