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My hair was in a simple low bun at the nape of my neck. I looked polished and put together, exactly what I wanted my peers to think about me. The students filed into my classroom, some looking tired and reluctant to start another school year, others beaming and chatting with their friends. One student, however, sat quietly in his seat, intently staring at me. He had messy dirty blonde hair and almond-shaped hazel eyes. He didn't write anything back, just sent a picture. The guy's penis was halfway in the girl, who was on all fours. When I arrived at the school, I unlocked the door to my classroom and turned on the lights. He circled around me like a shark, clearly liking what he saw. He kept his eyes on me the whole time, obviously proud of what I had done for him. I kept having to remind myself that he was just my student.

I wore a flowy light blue blouse and a black mid-length pencil skirt (I definitely wasn't going to be the teacher who always wears pant suits). This was an Honors class, so most of the students said they enjoyed reading and were happy to take part in the discussion. The look was enough to be sexy and sultry, but not enough to get questions from other teachers (or so I hoped). Okay, so maybe I was playing along more than I should. I pretended to struggle a little (I had to make it look good) as he pressed his lips onto mine. I hate to admit, but I kind of melted into it a little. I broke away from him abruptly and looked around frantically. He leaned back in his desk, arms crossed, silently admiring me. In a change of pace, he smacked my ass, hard and left without saying any more.

He led me to a backroom that reeked of booze and stale cigarettes.

I must have had a look of fear on my face, and he was enjoying it.

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