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And while we’re talking about good times and laughing…. I have to be home now every day during the week at 11 pm to watch this hilarious Kuwaiti soap opera.

I was at the Crowne Plaza this weekend and The Romanian was making me laugh about something (like she usually does - it was probably dirty) and I turned around and BAM! I didn’t even notice him at first, but I saw his friend’s evil face behind him (his “friend” is someone who makes The PFKA Man upset at every opportunity because he enjoys it). Ok, sometimes it is hilarious – most of the time it is so/so, but it is soooooooooo soooooooooooo Kuwait that I love it. Amoona’s husband traveled to Asia on buying trips for his hailag accessory shop; and on one of his trips married a Filipina lady named Leezo. Amoona lives with her 2 fat, stupid kids in a run down house in a not-very-good area. She inherits millions from an aunt and it changes her life.

Free online flirt in kuwait

I'm an optimist,family-orientated,responsible,happy,straight forward,honest and easy going person. I like nature and animals and I am very sensitive to my environment ..

I treat people with respect,fairness & honesty and expect the same.

It was more of a casserole with a layer of spinach and mushrooms, but very yummy and a lazy girl alternative to the real deal. Well, I made a big tray of brownies one boring Friday night (they’re all boring) and my maid comes on Saturdays. ) This weekend, I went with Slapperella to her dentist, Dr. Dentists make me nervous (gynecologists don’t – isn’t that ironic? Sexy turns around to look at something on his computer (I think he was chatting on MSN with some girl) and I told Slapperella, “He’s doing a Google search on how to do dental procedures!

Apparently, she has never seen a real brownie before and she threw the whole tray out. ” Why do people take me places when they know that I will only add to their pain?

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