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Street Based Sex Workers are the most visible sex workers in our community, and the stereotypical image of a sex worker for many is the image of street based workers in Kings Cross or the Wall or a worker leaning through a car window chatting to a client in St Kilda or in Perth.

Selling private sex in public places; Managing street prostitution in The Netherlands, Visser 1998.

A comprehensive history of Dutch response to street based sex work, the successes and failures, and how the community has participated.

Sex workers rights - Human rights The Impact of Western Australian Legislation On Street Based Sex Workers by Elaine Dowd, in Outskirts Online Journal, Editor Delys Bird.

Elaine is completing a Phd study of the Street Sex Worker Outreach Project WA, and this article is a summary of her early thoughts on the impact WA’s Prostitution Act 2000 has had on street based workers.

Currently all across Australia the inner city areas occupied by street based workers are becoming gentrified.