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We are so sure that you will love our resort and girls that if BPDR is not up to your standard in anyway upon arrival we will give you back the deposit and drive you to the hotel or resort of your choice. We have created a very easy-going, social atmosphere where you feel as though you’re at a party with sexy girls, where at any point you are sure to get very lucky.Imagine an adult sex vacation arriving at a private, fully catered, beach front, exclusive sex resort where every guest has 3 to 4 girls to choose from.An added bonus: if you go in the Winter you won’t have to worry about spending all night in a strip club and being assaulted by the sun when you walk outside since, well, THE SUN DOESN'T EVER COME OUT. The dancers -- who are a minimum of 21 years old -- also compete for an annual college scholarship (confusingly, since they are a minimum of 21, but, whatever, COLLEGE!

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Not only do they have some of the most impressive pole performers you’ll see, since it’s mentioned in every Lil Wayne song ever there’s a solid chance you’ll see a pro athlete or rapper make it rain, plus there’s a full basketball court out back, ya know, in case the Portland Trail Blazers stop by.

Aside from possibly having the best name in the history of Alaskan strip clubs (which we’re guessing isn’t all that extensive, but whatever) hot strippers know that the uncomfortably high male-to-female ratio in the Last Frontier means that guys will pay good chunks of their Alaska Permanent Fund check on buck-tucking and lap dances.

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