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You can scroll through it or use the links below to go to a particular section. 1521 Henry VIII: Assertio Septem Sacramentorum (Defence of the Seven Sacraments) dedicated to Pope Leo X.1 Up to 1500 Beginnings 2 1500-1600 Renaissance and Reformation 3 1600-1660 Revolution 4 1660-1750 Restoration 5 1750-1860 Towards mass education 6 1860-1900 A state system of education 7 1900-1923 Secondary education for some 8 1923-1939 From Hadow to Spens 9 1939-1945 Educational reconstruction 10 1945-1951 Labour and the tripartite system 11 1951-1964 The wind of change 12 1964-1970 The golden age? 1512 Statute required that boys aged between seven and seventeen should be provided with a bow and two arrows. 1523-8 Juan Luis Vives (Spanish humanist, 1492-1540) visited England regularly.1578 John Florio (1553-1625): First Fruits - the teaching of Italian.

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1552 London's common council adopted plan to deal with poverty, including Bridewell training school; similar schemes followed in other towns.

1553 Cambridge visitation - further pressure to enforce Protestantism.

But you may not publish it, upload it onto any other website, or sell it, without my permission. 1540 Henry VIII founded five Regius professorships - in divinity, Greek, Hebrew, medicine and civil law - at Cambridge. 1543 Parliament banned artisans, husbandmen, labourers, servants and almost all women from reading or discussing the Bible - prohibition proved impossible to enforce.

Committee of Council on Education Vice-Presidents (1857-1900), Board of Education Presidents (1900-1945), Ministers of Education (1945-1964) and Secretaries of State for Education (since 1964) are listed in blue. 1545 The first Chantry Act provided for dissolution of the chantries and guilds - not completed because of Henry's death. 1546 Henry VIII founded five Regius professorships - in divinity, Greek, Hebrew, medicine and civil law - at Oxford.

1066 Norman invasion: French replaced English as the vernacular medium for teaching Latin. 1167 Henry II banned English students from attending the University of Paris. 1549 Royal visitations at Cambridge and Oxford: Catholics expelled.