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(the added bonus is if the girls perform well on naughty chat, we will get a fair idea of what they will do on there cams should have a knock on effect of helping to fill up there rooms.) anyways thats it, plz babestation think about extending this service as it is decently indecent.

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(some of the day girls really do put a lot of the so called premium night girls to shame with there levels of performance and is why its quickly become a firm favorite and gets regular repeat customwith some of us staying online for 20 mins a pop).

that being said the service isnt perfect with 1 girl in particular taking the piss, she seems to think scamming the callers is ok (cough cali).

i've also been discussing the girls elsewhere so have a pretty good idea of who will do what..

i cant say it hasnt been fun for the most part and im generally happy with the level of service the girls have given.

with that in mind, ensuring a certain level of performance would be essential to make sure some of the girls dont follow suite and just use it as a way of bumping there earnings in the short term till no 1 uses it.