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A problem that simply had to be eliminated.' In the chat, Ogundele wrote: 'F*** her she's a little slag. He added: 'I could do it an easier way and find an addict to do it for some crack cocaine.' The pair interrupted their chat to discuss the next episode of the BBC drama Heroes and so Ogundele could be interviewed by a grime website about his first album 'It's A Dog Eat Dog World.' 'One of the chilling parts of this clear plan of murder is the seamless way these two youths move from the talk of conspiracy to murder to talk of things such as Heroes, light entertainment and popular culture,' said the prosecutor.

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She told the court it was 'weird' that Jolie wanted to meet her as he had previously rejected her and the baby but added: 'I wanted my child to know his father.' The girl left school and spent almost two hours wandering the streets of Islington on her way to Packington Street where she passed a canal bridge.'I thought to myself "What am I doing, he should really be meeting me, I'm six months pregnant and it's freezing",' she said.'It did seem a bit wrong that I was going all this way.' Ogundele launched his attack after walking past and glaring at her.

She told the court: 'The boy started running after me. 'When he got to me he just smacked me over the head with a metal pole and didn't say anything.'He was continuously smacking me to the right side of my head. I think he was pushing my head down.' The girl, who later gave birth to a healthy baby boy, told police: 'I thought I was going to die.

Mr Green said: 'By the age of 17 he had become a respected producer.

He was effectively about to be catapulted from an almost complete ignorance of girls into fatherhood.'He panicked and thought that all he had worked for he would lose. What was otherwise a rational, sensible, intelligent man lost the plot.' Ogundele, of Romford, Essex, denied conspiracy to murder.

Two teenage rappers who tried to murder a pregnant 15-year-old girl for getting in the way of their careers were jailed for a total of 32 years today.

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