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Comparing Gabrielle with that one, of course I much prefer L’Eau. But I guess if you didn´t know that it was Chanel and you didn´t know the price, I am sure you would love it (because you wouldn´t have any expectations :) Anyway, I didn´t buy it... But now I tried Gabrielle once again and suddenly I had to buy a bottle!

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Maybe that is the reason why I can "understand" and appreciate Gabrielle, as it actually works for me. I do see comparisons to the Hermes Jour for sure, but NOT similar to Patou Sublime...maybe a touch of Gucci Bloom..I might add Ralph Lauren Woman vibe as well. This is a new, modern and enchanting fragrance screaming “Chanel”. Since tried it first I come back to it again and again. When I wear it I have an impression that everything is possible and I’m an indestructible superwoman like in early young ages when we have a lot of ambitions and the world is beneath our feet.

Overall, comparing Gabrielle with other perfumes from different brands that carry many similar notes, I personally think it is still a MUCH better one by far! It seems this bottle is not up to par with previous Chanel bottles... There is something addictive in it making me craving for it. If it was an idea behind this creation it is successfully embodied. This is young and dreaming Gabrielle Chanel with stars in her eyes having a long live before her.

And being a safe scent for the day is just a nice bonus. In my interpretation it presents a woman that had to come through great struggle and many obstacles in life to finally find some warmth and safety. But do you want people to smell you from far away and for a long time if you smell sharp and generic?

Perhaps it's just my nose, but I can't detect any specific notes in this one.

She wanted it to be jewel-like yet simple and in line with the classic bottles of the house. Maybe because I am not an experienced perfume lover. I love white flowers, yet in most perfumes they are tiring. From the first sniff I am sure it is not a ground breaking, original fragrance that turned my world around and addicted me. Yeah, it's not a crazy perfume that will separate you from the crowd.

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