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“Aaaaannnd cue the people who just celebrated the NFL targeting player protests defending Roseanne Barr now on 1st amendment grounds. Bruce Helford, the Roseanne show’s executive producer and showrunner, said he was “horrified” by the comments.Helford wrote: “On behalf of all the writers and producers, we worked incredibly hard to create an amazing show.

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In the show, Roseanne Conner plays a working-class Trump supporter, but Barr herself has not been shy about her allegiance to the president, frequently engaging with his critics online and peddling conspiracy theories shared by Trump’s base, such as “Pizzagate”, “Pedogate” and theories about the murder of former Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich.

Barr on Monday also attacked Chelsea Clinton on Twitter, writing “Chelsea Soros Clinton” and claiming the former first daughter is connected to George Soros.

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