Genelia dating

Genelia says she was taken aback by how nice he actually was, contrary to all her expectations.

She was very taken by how nice he was her parents and elders, and his charming nature.

But when she saw the Tamil version of the movie, she decided to go ahead and give it a shot.

Their love story involved no clandestine rendezvous or impassioned proposals, but it is one of the strongest relationships that Bollywood has been witness back in 2003!

You may not know this, but at first Genelia was very reluctant to accept the movie because she did not want to pursue a career in acting!

) They both admit that neither of them is very romantic.

For them, it is the small things, the small moments that they spend with each other that makes life worthwhile.

Just goes to show how you must never judge a book by its blossomed into a strong friendship outside the sets as well.