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The 27-year-old actress, singer, and dancer said that although she and Gerald talk to each other, they haven't gotten past the "awkward stage" of the breakup.

The former couple was together for two years before they decided to take a break in April.

Maja Salvador says that she already had closure with ex-boyfriend Gerald Anderson when they broke up in April.

In the photo above, she was at the press conference for her album, 'Maja In Love.' Photo by Alexa Villano/MANILA, Philippines – Maja Salvador said that she has moved on from ex-boyfriend Gerald Anderson, during a press conference for her concert, MAJAsty.

My question is, what are interviewers looking for with these questions? They’re mostly just looking to get a better sense of who you are — to flesh you out as a person who they’d be working with day in and day out rather than just as a resume and work history.