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So, we’re back with another one; all Quality Comics vintage classics from cover to cover. Carol Heisler’s Garganta Formula, what can possibly keep him from taking over the world using an army of giants? See it all unfold in an offbeat sort of a FEMFORCE team lead story in FF #182, “The Taming Of The Shrew”, Part One; written by Eric( Rowena The Gentle Giantess) Lindberg, with art by Javier Lugo and Chris Dreier.

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Standard comic book size and saddle-stitched for $9.95 from AC Comics. Start with an early (third appearance, actually) adventure of Standard/Nedor’s BLACK TERROR; originally published in Exciting Comics #11, with art by Elmer Wexler.

This is the first BT story to feature his assistant, Tim in costume. There has been speculation for years over the identity of the artist on this run of Shock stories; we believe the penciler is Mort Leav, with an unidentified inker- but probably the SAME inker who finished Mort’s pencils on the first two stories of The WEB in MLJ’s Zip Comics.

Then, Standard/Nedor’s supernatural wonder, The GHOST; in an Augie Froelich-illustrated story from Thrilling #44.

Then another Thrilling Comics stalwart- DOC STRANGE, from issue #19, with art by George Mandel appears in a feature-length action thriller.

Special Notes: None If you were looking for a company out of comic books’ Golden Age that regularly used the very BEST artists in the industry, it would’ve been the very aptly name Quality Comics, helmed by legendary publisher Everett “Bust” Arnold.