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The 19 bonds were issued by the Reich Debt Administration and carry a nominal interest rate of 4 1/2%.

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the name was later shortened to Ynysybwl Co-op Society, Ltd.

The society provided a wide range of goods and services to members, including groceries, household goods, hardware, travel agency cafeteria, building, painting and decorating services, ladies hairdressing, toys, TV and radio repairs, footwear, optical services, funeral services, sports and educational classes, though today the range of those services has been greatly reduced.

These bonds were issued by Nazi Germany between 19.

The bonds had a lottery aspect, with a portion of the bonds being drawn each year for repayment.

The American Open Currency Standard (AOCS) and the closely related Mulligan Mint of Texas were libertarian oriented firms that encouraged alternative local monetary systems based on gold, silver and copper.