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Today they are available at retail in Gelson’s and select Bristol Farms, and produce some 1,500 to 2,000 jars a month.We’re talking about the art of pickling with Pejmon Noori.

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I didn’t even think I was in a position to touch anything in his restaurant, let alone work there.

He completely took me under his wing, and I spent the next three summers working there.

With the focus on flavor and a perfect balance of taste and texture, his dishes are updated daily to account for ingredient availability, quality and creative license.

Of course the grilled and butterflied Maine lobster is a standout!

Chefs’ Toys is no stranger to the “So Cal Restaurant Show.” Starting with a passion for food, Chefs’ Toys began in 1988 (founded by Chef Steve Dickler) with a genuine desire to help other Chefs.