dating in the 1970s - Gpp 3 updating help

Thanks for another update, it's always good to see.

gpp 3 updating help-31

Have you run RSOP on the machine or use Group Policy Result Wizard in GPMC. Replace isn't ideal bandwidth wise as every 2 hours all computers in the scope of my GPO will be copying these files across the network I only the GPO to do it if the destination doesn't match the source.. Replace does work, however if the file source doesn't already exist then the file can't be updated. I understand and do not take any offense to comments.

The Update action at least creates the file and then ... Text and Messages can come across in a weird way and you have to look at them with a clear mind.

The Reboot/Repair sequence is now able to repair powerplants to restore full functionality - Updated Pluto and Charon to use rocky template rather than icy - Tidied up our display of 'pending' and 'recovering' states in the reputation tab - Community Goal "How To" Box displays as boxes when in russian fixed - GUI rendering optimisations - Reduce station rate of fire, but increase per shot damage to compensate - Optimisations for star searches - Fix binding GUI not allowing us to bind axes that don't already have one - Fix for flickering white square in starport - Fix for mining lasers not having gunsights (includes Torval's Mining Lance) - Added more chatter line variety - Fix for supercruise island merging - Add chatter to provide reason for security ships attacking player - XBox One: Added a new error message for being unable to join the squad because the *game* is full - Xbox One: Fix an issue with joining a friend's in-progress game that you just left - Optimisations for scanner rendering - Better shuffling of map choices for CQC - CQC Loading screen to replace the spinning ship model - Cannot check Scoreboard During Killcams fixed - Add speaker icon in CQC lobby to show who is speaking - Speculative fix for some stuttering in supercruise seen on Win10 machines with AMD graphics cards - Add ability to mute a player in the lobby - Fixed Power's control page text cut off - Damage tweak for the CQC rapid fire cannon - Optimisations for power distribution management - Player allied with opposing Power didn't get bounty when firing on a player allied with system's power fixed - 'Cargo scoop' indicator light wrongly labeled 'Landing gear' fixed - Fix for CQC back lighting being inconstant with angle - XBox One - Add rich presence even on the main menu - Improved spawn point generation for CQC maps - Fixed hitcheck on the pipes around the central area of objective towers - No visible timer during CQC match fixed - Show the killer pilot name in respawn menu, don't show anything if we don't have a killer - OSX: Fix for custom mouse cursor sometimes disappearing, particularly on lower-spec machines - Repeating Dialogue When Being Asked to Accept Alternate Mission Parameters fixed - Xbox One: Fix microphone state not being shown correctly - Fix inbox message contract elements for delivery missions - Update how conflict scenarios are generated, and the triggers for scenario generation: - Multiple wars/civil wars in a single system - Remove some oddities in wars spanning several systems - Wars between non-controlling factions are allowed and will co-incide with scenarios generated by the controlling minor's state - Update the logic to trigger a rebuild of scenarios to watch and make use of the last changed seed, along with the ability to generate zero scenarios - Should fix several cases where scenarios should show but don't (though the case of zero planets in a system still causes problems) - Fix the occasional insanely large amount of time spend in the advance of matchmaking lobby - Xbox One: Re-enable access to Friends Management for Silver accounts - Made low colours the same as normal colours for large icons on the scanner in CQC - CQC prestige button now available when rank 50 - Added error messages for a number of CQC invite error scenarios.

- Already in the squad you were invited to - The other squad is closed - The invite was not yours to accept!

Actually I don't quite get why you're complaining about that at all?

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