Greek guys dating

Now I am usually getting upset because of something he has said, such as calling me annoying, telling me my opinion is stupid (I respect his even if I disagree). Now I do not know whether I should find this offensive or not, but I did. He will most likely be alone for the rest of his life unless he finds a female version of himself.

Anyway, he tells me that I need to stop making this a regular occurence because it is also genuinely bothersome. It feels as if he is trying to rain on my parade in a sense. I'm sorry that I laughed but this guy is ridiculous. When you dump him make it concise, straight to the point, and if he asks you why, just say "because you're an ass." I do not think this has much to do with the fact he is of Greek extraction, but I could be wrong, my experience of Greek men is nil.

Non-scientific survey says that he's a complete d*ckhead, so I'd next this one as quickly and with the least amount of confrontation as possible. If he is this critical of you now and you just started dating can you imagine how it will be when you've been together a while?

I have several reasons for why I do and why I don't.

First he is basically telling you your life and future is rubbish due to your choice of study, then he is saying you shouldn't speak to people and also you aren't allowed to be upset over anything nasty that he says to you.