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To create a Netmail Archive policy, navigate to the Archive Policies, and click Create.

Alternatively, you can expand the Policies object to reveal a list of pre-configured policies that can be used as is.

For more information about policy configuration, refer to Policy Planning, Configuration, and Management for Group Wise or Policy Planning, Configuration, and Management for Exchange.

A large number of pre-configured job templates are available, which can be used out-of-the-box or modified to suit your organization's needs.

How do I update my Group Wise Client to the latest version?

You do not need to wait until CNS has updated the Group Wise server components before you update the Group Wise client on your computer. Because this release contains performance and stability improvements, all users are encouraged to upgrade.

On-Campus users may update using the Application Explorer: Locate the Application Explorer icon on your desktop, and browse to DREW Novell Group Wise 7 SP2. Off-Campus users (or users with non-standard PCs without the Application Explorer) may download the new release of Group Wise from the CNS web site: Consult this web page ( for download and installation instructions. Group Wise instant messaging (Group Wise Messenger) is updated separately from Group Wise email.