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Experts take their best guesses on when data protection authorities will strike - and what kind of organizations will be first to feel the sting of the EU privacy law.

Disruption causes quantum shifts in industries and societal behavior by digitizing the analog, upending economic models and otherwise challenging the status quo.

But what she was experiencing now was probably one of the most difficult she would ever come across. Although Bandy now had features of some description they were no closer to finding out the true identity of their "guest" than they had been an hour ago but the breathing noises were louder than ever, she looked at him pointedly. In the meantime Bandy's breath continued to rasp metallically in and out until it seemed to fill the entire room. Might affect her breathing." Sheila was kneeling on the floor and trying to peer inside the box at the same time. "Well don't just stand there," Said the face, "Get going! " The blonde woman smiled as much to herself as to the tall blindfolded woman. " She said sweetly, running a gentle hand up and down the tall woman's bare left leg, who, in turn, tried to raise herself off the bed. " The blonde woman leaned forward and kissed her dark haired friend on the lips once more. Watching the anticipation on Ally's face, she moistened her lips with her tongue and then bowed her head and kissed her gently on the lips. She looked at Allison and smiled showing film star white teeth. When she was no more than a few inches from him she said in a hoarse whisper. He could smell her shampoo, it really did smell of herbs and fruit, and he could smell her, that warm inviting smell that she seemed to exude even when she was at her most pugnacious. She was tugging gently at his hair with one hand, while the other was running its way down his tummy and then stroking the area just above his belt. Aware that the camera could not see all of their movements he slipped his own hand between them and very gently soothed it against the crotch of her faded blue jeans. Sheila broke the kiss threw her head back until she was looking directly into his eyes and said in a voice that was strangely deep and husky, "Fuck me! " he put his hand firmly behind her head and pulled her to him again, whilst the other began to tug at the belt of her jeans and at that precise moment, Bandy began to move hesitantly forward.

Like most people Allison Pearson had encountered a lot of dilemmas in her time and would, undoubtedly, face many more. She was staring into the black and shiny, fibreglass visage with hollow but unseeing black eye sockets and a stylised silver mouth with painted on teeth that covered the facemask through which she was drawing oxygen. But it was said too quietly and he was too far away from her to be sure. "It looks like it's in two halves y'know, held together by four little screws…" Suddenly another face was level with his. " * "Are you gonna let me up sometime today or am I gonna be flat on me back all night? " And she shifted her position again so that her knees were pinioning Ally's arms to the floor and then she reached back, never taking her eyes off her face and picked up where she had left off, running her fingers around Ally's stocking tops, tracing the suspenders, letting her hand run its way lightly towards her crotch but pulling away before it actually got there. In trying to shift the collar a little and therefore help loosen the helmet, Sheila had uncovered something that she was peering at curiously. " The dark haired woman remained on the floor but had drawn herself into a sitting position hugging her knees. She studied it carefully for a few seconds and then stalked back towards him. When she spoke it was as loudly and as clearly as he had spoken earlier. " She stole a quick glance at Bill and then her voice deepened and darkened. At the same time she insinuated her warm, soft, body against his. It wasn't as if they had a LIVE audience and it was also unusual for Sheila, although an undeniably passionate person, to have reached this stage quite so quickly, although he thought that he could understand the reason for her sudden fervour.

" It felt as if his head snapped back into position. Also on the rumpled duvet were other things that suggested that at some point a series of fairly violent movements had taken place. A long white Goose feather, lying not far from her left foot.