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In (The Lunatic Cafe) Anita becomes engaged to Richard, only to have Jean-Claude quickly blackmail her into dating him after learning of the engagement.Anita also meets Raina, the lupa of the local wolf pack, as well as Jason, a young werewolf.

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Anita herself kills Raina, who later inhabits Anita's body, both antagonizing her as well as giving her the ability to heal others.

It is during this book that Anita forms a triumvirate with Richard and Jean-Claude as well as accepting further vampire marks from him.

Anita's powers grow in (Bloody Bones), as does her relationship with Jean-Claude.

In (The Killing Dance) Richard has become the Ulfric, or leader, of his pack after killing off the previous leader Marcus.

In (Narcissus in Chains) the damage done to her friends and allies from the closing off of the marks is further shown, with Damian having become a feral killing machine in her absence, confirming that he is her vampire servant.