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Children are often included in adult company, and small ones may be passed from one to another: they receive kisses, are asked to speak, and often are held out to face the rest of the company.

Men are also affectionate with children, male and female.

Women may be considered potentially unclean ( marime ); in the past a woman had to take care not to brush the man accidentally with her skirts, which could pollute him.

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There they kneel, holding icons while elders bless them with bread and salt.

In some weddings, a procession circles the bride, who carries a staff.

Gold, especially, is prized as a gift between generations. Gypsy families prefer not to turn their children over to day-care centers, although urban women, like other Soviet women who work outside the home, may do so.

Women are responsible for most child care, but often they do not care for the children alone; in the country relatives are always nearby, and in the city visits are frequent.

The study also indicates that while Travellers originally descended from the general Irish population, they are now very distinct from it.

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