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This provided enhanced marketing and anticipation for the event and an opportunity to present a substantial source of growth.

Hey lonely hearts, we have teamed up with Mixalot, a software designed by Rachel Weinstein (AB '00) to help us facilitate this fun and engaging event. Before the event, you will receive a link to Mixalot's website to create a personal profile.

Rachel will host the event and will organize each round of mini-dates.

It would often lead to later, longer, more intimate dates.

Although Hurry Date was the reigning leader for speed dating for many years, they came to crossroads when other competitors came into the market like My Space and Facebook.

They also demonstrate care, validation and understanding, writes Harvard University's Karen Huang, Mike Yeomans, Alison Wood Brooks, Julia Minson and Francesca Gino. "Introverts have great one-on-one conversations," says Jenny Blake, a former Google career coach and the author of "Pivot: The Only Move that Matters is Your Next One." That's important, she says, since "deep relationships" often result from "memorable" conversations.