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Rather, it rests with leaders who fail to effectively tap diverse work styles and perspectives—even at the senior-most levels.

Some managers just don’t recognize how profound the differences between their people are; others don’t know how to manage the gaps and tensions or understand the costs of not doing so.

Widely accepted by academics as the gold standard in the evolving field of personality research, the FFM has informed a host of other personality assessments, including the NEO Personality Inventory (developed by two of the creators of the five-factor model) and the Hogan Personality Inventory (which examines how a person relates to others).

Unlike the MBTI, assessments based on the Big Five can reliably predict job performance, studies show.

(The correlation is stronger for other psychometric measurements, such as IQ, however.) Research also suggests that FFM-based assessments can help predict personalities that are likely to either clash or work harmoniously together.