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You may be planning on treatment and wonder how that will affect your personal life.

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If you see a potential future with this partner I would advise you to take reasonable precautions but not worry unduly about becoming infected via sexual contact. jd I totally agree with jd, use precautions and that way you don't have to worry about it.

I've been carrying around this virus for about 20 years or so and my husband was tested and shows that he was exposed to the Hep C virus although his liver functions are all within the normal range. Is he going to do the treatment, does he have any symptoms or had a liver biopsy? We were married about 15 years before I even found that I had hcv.

I do not know what order they come in for you, but most of the time dating is first.

It is never easy for a single person to get back out there.

Your dreams of having a lifetime love may have been shattered by a broken relationship.