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I think there is also a misconception that older people are not interested in sex.

Some 16 percent of people over 65 have sex regularly. Are there any senior dating traditions that have changed over the years, things that may have been the status quo in a senior's younger days, but are different now?

I don't see seniors as very different from the rest of us.

I think at any age it is wise, and often difficult, to be open about sexual expectations. I helped to design the new dating/relationship site, and we do have older people on the site.

What do you find interesting about the subject of senior dating? In my questionnaire study of the romantic element in some 800 Americans and Japanese, men and women, I found that those participants who were over age 45 expressed just as much romantic passion as did those who were under age 25. So senior dating is often a good deal like junior dating-full of excitement, angst, euphoria when it goes well, and despair when things fail.

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