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Her siblings who were much older , had already left the house, to begin their lives, so she was basically an only child.

I did not finish college until much later in my life because I was terrified of Math.

I loved it so much, in fact, that I stopped taking my medication. In fact, He commands it.” I trusted my Rabbi, so I followed his advice. There it was again — the idea that you could choose to be happy, even if just for one day. He told me to find out what Ethics of the Fathers had to say about happiness. I tapped my foot impatiently when a sales clerk didn’t ‘see’ me right away, and complained angrily about the service.

I’d been on an even emotional keel for a couple of years, and I hoped that my depression was a thing of the past. Besides, I’d begun to realize that, antidepressant or no antidepressant, I still had a lot to learn about happiness. And he told a story to illustrate his point: Bruriah lived during the Talmudic age. Then she told him that God had required the return of their sons. I wanted to be in control of more important issues, too.

I never had teachers who were willing to take the time with me, only to put me down. My therapist told me, that my lowest moments come, when I feel that I don't deserve to be happy.