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Confusing herpes for an ingrown hair can lead to big problems Herpes sores are actually called vesicles, and they look like chicken pox or pimples but, instead of being filled with white pus, they’re filled with clear fluid. Unfortunately, being the king of wishful thinking only gives herpes the opportunity to expand its kingdom.

If you pop the sucker looking for a downward-turned hair, you put yourself at risk of secondary bacterial infections and scarring, as well as spreading the original infection.

Herpes hurts like a b*tch and there’s not much you can do about it Herpes sores hurt because they’re actually causing nerve damage, infecting the cells in your nerves and killing them.

Topical creams don’t really help the itch of the sitch either.

To alleviate casual sex blues in time for TIFF, I asked my friend, the STI doctor (who provided me with illuminating tidbits for my recent story, “Yes, Toronto, There Is A Syphilis Comeback“), out for coffee to get the lowdown on herpes.