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Amenities include ice, fans, cable TV, movies, and concierge services.

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There is also an herb garden behind the Gift Shop which grows herbs used in the restaurant kitchen, and mint for the hotel’s signature Mint Juleps.

The Lions Head Fountain is covered with water lilies and surrounded by blooming flowers such as Jasmine and White Dogwood.

Kammer said at a hearing Wednesday that state attorneys had assured him if Spears changes his mind, the execution will be halted and Spears will be allowed to contact lawyers who will initiate post-conviction proceedings. Please reconsider,' Kammer told Spears in court, according to the transcript.

Given the findings of both experts, Kammer asked the judge at a hearing Wednesday to dismiss the petition and said lawyers would be standing by Wednesday evening with paperwork for Spears to sign if he changes his mind, according to a transcript.'Mr. When asked during the evaluation by Norman if he wanted to die, Spears said, 'Not really, but would you want to live in a six by nine cell. I have another twenty years of appeals,' he said, adding that even if the court were to grant him life with parole it would take a long time and there's no assurance he'd actually get out of prison.

The Monmouth Historic Inn rooms feature period furniture, cable flat screen TVs, free Wi-Fi, turn-down service, bottled water and ice service.