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When he hit that homer, I put something on the scoreboard …

"The home plate umpire saw it, and started shaking his finger at me," Risinger said.

"The next day, the National League president fined the Astros $300 for putting that on the scoreboard.

"Spec tells me to put something on the scoreboard about the umpires.

I said, 'You don't really want me to do that, do you?

Risinger described him as a "real Barnum and Bailey kind of guy." If Shlenker said it was "special," it wasn't going to be a T-shirt giveaway. I've got it all organized; it's not a problem." Risinger knew that when Shlenker said, "Not a problem," there was an excellent chance there'd be an enormous problem. The bottom of the fifth rolls around, I'm watching, and this very shapely young lady takes off her shirt, then her shorts, and jumps onto the field and starts running. The two policemen in the Astros dugout start chasing her. "Just think how much fun it would have been if we had had camera phones back then! He remembers only one time the league did make the Astros pay for their trespasses.

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