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There are two kinds of vouchers: tenant-based and project-based. Project based vouchers (PBVs) are assigned to particular units and buildings and are not transferable. In some cases, those with low income (80% of area median) are eligible.

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Because let’s be honest: many folks are not as prepared for retirement as they would like to be.

A survey by the Insured Retirement Institute found that “70 percent of middle-income Boomers are not confident in having enough money to live comfortably in retirement.” In an Associated Press poll, among families with incomes below $50,000, only 35% said they felt financially ready for retirement; 66% of those in higher income households felt ready.

These expenses include mortgage principal and interest, mortgage insurance, real estate taxes, and homeowner’s insurance among others. Finding Senior Housing Assistance by the PHA is not a given in finding a home.

The applicant must find an approved financing source to purchase the home.

It is the largest assisted housing program administered by HUD.

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