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One of the more substantive consequences of the powerful new genomic techniques has been in the area of ancient DNA extraction and analysis.

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Interestingly the Yakuts speaking a Turkic language.

Here is a map which shows the modern distribution of Turkic languages (I have shaded in what is presumed to be the Turkic Urheimat): Within the last 2,000 years the Turkic languages have rapidly spread across Eurasia.

It’s really convenient that Yakuts live in Siberia; stuff keeps, including biological remains (the paper has some photos which show corpses in a state of decomposition, but still definitely recognizable).

We might never be able to do anything similar to explore the Bantu expansion because the local conditions don’t favor preservation (the same issue may explain why East Africa has been a goldmine of palaeoanthropology, while West and Central Africa has not).

Citation: BMC Evolutionary Biology 2010, doi:10.1186/1471-2148-10-25 * The fact that some children adopted as infants from Korea or India into American families wish to refamiliarize themselves with “their culture” does remind us that people tend connect to the two.