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If that made you think about what blend of coffee you drink every morning, then you can understand how race does not enter into your daily thoughts until someone else mentions it.

There are as many different reasons for interracial dating as there are different people. Early in our school lives we do not know that people of other races are “different”.

None of the mainstream Christian denominations discourage or prohibit interracial marriage.

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There is a mistaken belief that people in interracial relationships cannot get a date with someone from their own race. Relationships between people of different cultures and races can take the best of both worlds and combine them for a richer experience.

When you grow up dating the girl next door and your families share the same culture, race or color makes no difference.

Love is often mentioned, by those actually in the serious relationship, but how did we get there from our original cultural background? An early years friendship may turn into a serious interracial relationship as time passes.