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The Identitarian movement, which originated in France, is a rapidly expanding ethno-nationalist group focusing on the preservation of European culture and identity.

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“By extending the proscription of National Action, we are halting the spread of a poisonous ideology and stopping its membership from growing - protecting those who could be at risk of radicalisation,” Amber Rudd said while announcing the ban last month, althoughrevealed that Scottish Dawn’s website was still operating.

Mr Davey said not all Identitarians were neo-Nazi and their ideology is not ostensibly violent, but “they represent a threat through the mainstreaming of fringe ideas to appeal to a broader constituency”.

The ISD found all three events significantly raised the profile and support for radical narratives amid increasing cooperation across borders to radicalise and disrupt democratic processes.

With four main groups – Identitarians, neo-Nazis, the US alt-right and Islamophobic “counter-jihadists" – identified, the research showed mounting collaboration with the ultimate aim of radicalising “normies” and Generation Z in particular.

“They are using memes and the language of young people to compartmentalise and broadcast very far-right ideals.” Ms Ebner said extremists had so far been “ahead of the curve” exploiting social media mechanisms and algorithms to radicalise new audiences, calling on European authorities to increase counter-messaging efforts to the same levels seen with Islamist propaganda.