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And I’m laughing, thinking “Here I am at college signing Playboys.” There have also been students who wanted to get pictures with me.

I’m looking for a four year institution to finish my bachelor’s degree. I think someday it’s going to be a mixture of the two.

What factored into your decision to return to school? I’ve been in wrestling for almost ten years and I’ve always wanted to go back to school.

Not only that, but ROH also gave me the opportunity to work with the Women of Honor.

We shot 2 episodes of a series we’re putting together showcasing women’s wrestling in ROH.

She stands out to me the most because she’s beautiful and talented. What are some of the differences working for ROH as opposed to WWE? WWE has so many dates, whereas ROH only has about 4-7 dates a month. I love the locker room because it has those fresh faces who want to make it in the wrestling scene. There’s some guys whom you never thought would go back to WWE because of what they’ve said in the past or the drama that’s happened. I want women to know that if they want to start building their fanbase, they can come to ROH and we can give them that platform.