Is lana del rey dating brad soileau

So, I lived here first (NYC) for four or five years…I don’t know man. All there is to do in Louisiana is to drink and do drugs. Whatever the hell you can do not to be in Louisiana. Yeah, I was discovered by Dave Fothergill at Red here (NYC) in the East Village. Like a month or two before I got scouted my friend had got shot. Oh shit, I’m like a fucking little white kid in LOUISIANA. So, one day I had all these DVDS I’m going to sell all these DVDS. I now realize…I guess she used to date this guy Jimmy Gnecco. That’s basically why when I did the first video she tweeted my name.

I think Lamb’s breath is a sativa and it was Bob Marley’s favorite weed and it was all that he smoked.

But I was like smoking so much and eating so many edibles…I was like whatever.

I love wax and I was really into this shit called death blow. These things that are like rectangle gummies called green hornets.

Down to the posters that he made at the time that were sold by his label- there was a reference to Lamb’s Breath because he smoked it.

But, my shit’s verified and it has almost 60000 likes. That happens pretty regularly more so here (NEW YORK) than Los Angeles.