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Nick is a social butterfly and a workaholic, with a wide and varied social circle. The best clips from the Radio 1 Breakfast Show are archived by Magog83.

He identifies as gay, appears to be perpetually single and lives in London with his two pups, Pig Dog and Stinky Blob. Nick is part of Radio 1 RPF fandom and often appears in One Direction canon and fanon.

See for example this exchange between former Tumblr user tamponimpalaa and ziusik: tamponimpalaa:ok I’m sorry to anyone who loves Nick grimshaw and I have nothing against you or whatever but, I literally can NOT stand him. apart from people who originally listened to his radio show, who really knew who he was?

Like im pretty sure most people heard about him through Harry. i just think he takes to being harry’s friend as his “rise to fame”. I NEVER do this, because it’s not worth it, but let me first ask you: are you British? I’m not, either, but I at least research things, so let’s break this down: 1) Nick has been a fixture of British pop television/radio since about 2007.

Because of Nick's wide and active social circle in canon, fanworks which focus on him often depict him as an extremely sociable protagonist and include an array of recurring minor characters.