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He says that hiding his love story from the public will minimize the chances of getting fear from any rumor and controversy in life.

Being the only son of his parents on watching his bio, it seems he is claiming it is now an age to get married.

Another thing the said is that he can't live without are his animals, which is cute.

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", "Came over un-invited because I needed to talk to you about something. you: Yo Prince wait up prince: hey boo what's up you secretly blush because you know deep down inside you have feelings for Prince but don't want to admit it you: umm what are you doing later on today prince: nothing you: perfect why don't you come help me pick out a dress for a party I'm going to prince: alright 1 Hour Later you: alright what you think about this prince: umm it's alright you: what you mean alright do I look ugly prince: no no it's not that it's just that I think you should show off your body you got a nice shape you: you think so prince: here why don't you wear this prince hands you a halter top dress that is about 4 inches above your knees that barely covers your backside. Tori: It's not that big of a deal it's not like i'm dumping you for him Roc: But you like him don't you?

* Phone convo* Yn: hello Roc: hey babe you busy tonight Yn: no why??? so you went to a mindless behavior concert and they were signing autographs they got tired and walked off and you were walking towards them and not paying attention u bumped into roc royal your eyes locked roc: I am sorry you: no its my fault I should have been paying attention roc: so what is your name you: (whatever your name is) roc: nice to meet you (what ever your name is) roc: my name is roc I guess you already know that you: yeah I do roc: we are done signing autographs but since I bumped into you I guess I owe you one you: thanks roc: umm let me see your arm you: ok roc takes your arm and says he is writing a motto on your arm he walks away after he is done and says sorry again you look at your arm it does not say a motto or mindless behavior it is rocs phone number and under it says "I had a great time so call me you don't seam like that girl that would give my number out to the world so call me so we can set up our second date" Roc: come one you: but I don't know how to skate Roc: so I can teach you you: yeah no Roc: baby please come on you'll do it for me (Roc starts kissing you on your neck and brings it up to your lips) you: well since you asked it like that I guess I got no other choice but to say yes now huh (Roc kisses you again) Roc: exactly AT THE SKATING RINK you: Roc what if I fall Roc: you're not gonna fall you: but what if I do Roc: then I'll be right here to grab your butt *ehem ehem* I mean catch you you: yeah you better had changed it Roc: ok you ready you: yeah I guess (as soon as you stepped on the floor you fell which made Roc trip so you ended up falling on top of Roc. Ray: No....i'm talking to godzilla yes i'm talking to you Roc: Ray your lil ass don't wanna start with me Ray: Well I do and I am.....*Steps Up To Roc* Characters Me/Paris:15 Riley:15 Brianna:16 Asiah:16 Ray:16 Princeton:16 Prodigy:15 Roc:15 HOPE YOU LIKEY NOW TO THE STORY me:don't sweat it, when a boy messes with you that means he likes you asiah:so do all his friends like me*sarcasm* me:........................

However, his fans are not much happy with the results.

The band, which was active from the year 2010, has a massive following.

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