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I'm not being treated as a darling, so perhaps you should respect me enough to use my name, rather than a term of endearment." "Very well Evan, I will do as you wish..." "No. We were friends, and we were on a first name basis.

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She had kind of a crush on him, but when he asked her, she got cold feet and ran to my side begging me not to ask Joan Jett. "Reina, I thought I suggested the pumps, or flats if you are going to be on your feet a lot." "Yes darling, you did.

Yeah, you get the picture, Kimmie was the spitting image! You can circle that sentence with red as a run on all you would like, but only a run sentence can describe the wild and frantic mood that accompanied the mutual termination of each other's virginity. But you also alluded to the stilettos being sexy, so I chose them." "But I also said I didn't think you should wear them when I was not around to fend off the hormone driven rabble you will certainly attack if you wear them. You'll look irresistible then." "Oh thank you Evan, I was just about to ask if I should wear dark or suntan." "Rei, this is pretty odd!

As I understand, fallout can be as hazardous as the initial explosion.

"I'm not sure I understand," I choked back tears as I picked up the morning paper and raised it between us, even though she wasn't in the room. I have one more wishy washy question to ask, and I beg you not to vary from the two responses I offer as your choice.

Would you mind if I spent the entire weekend with Sheldon Bock, or shall I come home really late Saturday night? Have you noticed I just shifted tense on the verb "love?

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