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To the question of where the actor gets his inspiration for acting, Dale says “I come from a family of actors.

My mother was an actress and dancer on Broadway and my father was an actor and dancer on Broadway, before going into choreography.

Data from different techniques (ID-TIMS, SIMS and LA ICP-MS) and several laboratories suggest that this zircon has a concordant U–Pb age with a weighted mean U date of 337.13 ± 0.37 Ma (ID-TIMS, 95% confidence limits, including tracer calibration uncertainty) and U–Pb age homogeneity on the scale used in LA ICP-MS dating.

Inhomogeneities in trace element composition due to primary growth zoning prevent its use as a calibration standard for trace element analysis.

He has also been nominated for the Teen Choice Awards and Young Artist Awards.