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At first she is Buffy’s nemesis, but she actually ends helping the group out. Angel was a guy living in Ireland in the 19th century.He turns from his life of killing, to protecting; attempting to atone for his mistakes. Short recap: Buffy knows she is the “Slayer” and accepted her role.In fact in a lot of ways they reverse roles, as she is scolding her secrecy. The next day, Willow and Xander can’t stop talking about Ted.

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Just as Buffy is talking about her suspicions, guess who shows up? Yep, he’s installing some new computer software for the school.

He invites Buffy and her friends to mini-golf with him and Joyce, Buffy’s mom.

More recently, Cordelia and Xander have put aside their mutal disgust as they have become make-out buddies. That night Buffy is so angry about how everyone is raving over Ted, she goes out patrolling, this time with Giles.

Giles let loose a demon when he was younger, and that secret/demon came back out in the open. Instead of finishing off Vampires like usual, she beats them to a pulp.

Ted told me what happened.” Yes her mom is taking his word over her own daughter!!!