Jasmin com liva se

Jasmin com liva se-70

Unless someone buries their face in your neck, they probably won't smell it at all. I would say its is the type of perfume that is very easy to please everyone.

As a person who likes sharp, sweet, very gourmand, head-turner fragrances, the projection was an extreme disappointment. The scent itself would get a 8.5/10 from a gourmand lover. The only reason I would not repurchase it's because everybody that I know has the same one. Can't wrap my my mind around why people find this attractive.

I really don’t get why a lot of people say this is really really sweet :/ I love this worn it for years but I think this is more fresh then Cady sweet, yes it’s girly and sweetish but there are a lot sweeter fragrances out there.

I think people tend to judge it on the really girly bottle love the bottle !

Besides the perfume, the collection includes 200 ml rich, luxurious body cream, 250 ml bath and 250 ml body lotion. Blind buying of this fragrance, because I was looking for gourmand scent without heavy sillage.