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As he watched for Erin, he looked behind him and saw a man in a dark, heavy coat, a baseball cap, sunglasses, with a black bag over his right shoulder.

The cap was low over the man's eyes, and in addition to being peculiarly dressed, he looked far too serious for the occasion. Bauman turned his head forward and scanned the finishing area for Erin.

Remy and Michele worked their way through the crowd and closer to the street.

Bauman remained near the back of the spectators that were five and six deep.

Boston Marathon movie, the true story confirms that Jeff went to the finish line to wait for his girlfriend Erin Hurley to finish the race. It was Erin's first time participating in the event, and she was running to raise money to upgrade the neonatal intensive care unit at Brigham and Women's Hospital where she worked.

In real life, Jeff also saw her earlier at a checkpoint during the race.

They arrived at a medical tent where Bauman was loaded into an ambulance.