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During that time, Young recorded While still drumming for Faron, Roger signed a deal with RCA's Nashville office, which was run by guitar legend Chet Atkins.It had been many years since Roger's first meeting with Chet.

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The other side of that undisciplined genius was revealed through Roger's propensity for giving away lines other writers would have killed to make up.

Says Andersen, "He's the one that came up with the line in my song, '' - 'If the wolf had ever come to our door, he'd have had to brought a picnic lunch.' He wouldn't let me put his name on the song." "The Songwriters in Nashville would follow him around and pick up his droppings," adds Killen, "because everything he said was a potential song.

As a producer Atkins had played a major role in defining the soft-edged country style that was coming to be known as the Nashville Sound.

At the time, RCA's biggest Country act was Jim Reeves, and his success with Roger's songs probably had a lot to do with making the deal.

Tree's daily affairs were handled by Buddy Killen, an Opry bassist who met Roger at a downtown watering hole. With Killen plugging his songs, Roger started to score hits for other artists. Suddenly Miller was as hot as a hillbilly songwriter could be in the late 1950's, but he was also proving himself to be the type of carefree spirit who gave industry players fits.