Josh flagg and colton thorn dating

Seems like he was already playing before getting comfortable enough to call it quits. Based on social media, it looks like he's living his best life traveling the world.

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Instead, he started to work as a real estate agent straight out of high school at the age of eighteen.

Salary Though it’s unclear how much Josh Flagg brings in a year, it’s estimated that he has sold more than $1 billion worth of property throughout his career so far.

High School As a student, he went to Brentwood School, a private institute in the Brentwood area before transferring to Beverly Hills High School, from which he graduated in 2003.

Did Josh Flagg Go to College Josh Flagg has not gone to college.

star has taken a step back from the spotlight after he and Josh split — and we can't say we blame him. 25 Josh took to Instagram to remind viewers to watch his wedding unfold on the hit Bravo show, but we guarantee Colton didn't tune in! "I thought they were on the baby train and he was besties with Josh's mom???