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If you're an artist who makes it to this stage, it means you're one of the most important artists in pop music this year.

Is there anyone more important in pop music who isn't Justin Bieber or Britney Spears?! Well, there are certainly a few legends out there I can name, but Britney and Justin are pop royalty.

The i Heart Radio Jingle Ball Tour has become synonymous with the holidays.

12 at Clive Davis’ annual Pre-Grammy Party — and she celebrated with an Instagram post!

“Had an amazing night at the [Clive Davis] #Pre Grammy Gala,” she wrote in the caption on Instagram, as she cuddled up to Sam in the shot.

OK, fine, I won't start any dating rumors -- those are DANGEROUS.

But, I will say that these two pop stars are actually going on tour together, which means Britney Spears will According to Daily Mail.com, Britney Spears and Justin Bieber will join each other for the i Heart Radio Jingle Ball tour.

During her "Carpool Karaoke" session with James Corden back in August 2016, the singer said, "I think I might not ever go to men again, do the whole men thing anymore, or get married.