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The work on display will be a series of photographs that i have photographed from the last 2 years traveling and photographing the places around me.

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Burton also paints Carrey as being incredibly controlling of White and claims that he texted her after her death to make it seem as though she had stolen the pills in order to save himself from a possible police investigation.'On information and belief, after White committed suicide, and in an effort to cover-up his conduct and complicity in her death, CARREY sent a bogus text message on September 27, 2015 to White (who was already deceased) pretending as though he had misplaced the drugs and insinuating the White may have taken them from CARREY,' reads Burton's complaint.

Burton also takes issue with the fact that despite Carrey and his assistant having a surveillance camera set up at White's residence, neither of them checked on the woman or alerted authorities despite the fact that she had not left her residence in 24 hours.

I have been suffering with constant and dangerous levels of stress and i do have to let go.

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