Kim possible and ron stoppable dating

Meanwhile, Bonnie seemed to seethe with an inner anger that changed her beautiful looks into an ugly mask. A FEW MONTHS LATERKim Possible and her boyfriend Ron Stoppable were heading toward the Possible house. She cleared her throat, preparing to say something.

Kim was about to reach for the door knob, but Ron, quickly grabbed it first. " she asked, her blue eyes looking away from Kim."Mom?

"Ann smiled at her daughter's surprise, and lowered her hands. "I'm a witch Kimmie," she replied slowly, "and so are you.""O. "It's like this, when someone with the gift is born, it takes years for the ability to fully blossom," she looked at her daughter intensely.

"Those times are past."Kim took a few deep breaths as she tried to control herself. K., so your a witch, and so am I," she replied flexing her fingers together, and then, she looked up at her mother. " she asked curiously."You weren't ready till today," her mother answered staring intensely at her red haired daughter.

Suddenly, a purple light surrounded Kim, and lifted her off three feet off the floor; Kim's eyes widened in shock. " Kim asked, beginning to put things together."Yes dear," began her mother, patting her head, "Why someday, with practice and my help, you'll even surpass Shego's power."Kim, for the first time since getting this news grew excited. "Power is tempting, and can lead to abuse, especially among girls your age.

"And so are you."Kim's mouth opened, her eyes widened in shock. " she asked in stunned disbelief, but noticed the seriousness in her mother's face."I see your going to need some convincing," Ann said dryly and raised her hands. "Why, since you were a preteen, you've been subconsciously using your powers.""You mean my speed, agility and strength? ""Kim, it's important that you understand something," Ann Possible said sternly, her blue eyes focused on her daughter.

"And some of these witches are in my family tree."Kim stared at her mother in disbelief. "Probably because in old times, those with the gift were usually mistaken as real witches who used demonic powers and were killed." Her face grew grave.