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You can see the decay of proper German pronounciation the best with words that have a "Ch-" at the beginning like China or Chemie.

There's the question though whether either "Schina/Schemie" in the north or "Kina/Kemie" in the south will eventually be used as the new general standard. This character has been pronounced in different ways throughout it's development.

Even in German, in some words "ch" is pronounced as /k/ (the set of these words depends on the region). This is a sensible way, as "ch" might be pronounced /k/ and /xs/ or /çs/ are difficult sound combinations for Germans.

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Research found significantly lower incidences of domestic violence among couples who smoke marijuana, for instance.

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One male said he accidentally fell asleep during sex while drunk. The study found that “alcohol tended to numb sensations and marijuana tended to enhance sensations.”“Alcohol tends to be a lot more numb,” a male respondent said.

Another told of multiple instances where sex had to be interrupted because “I’ve had to stop and go hurl.”There were fewer adverse effects reported with marijuana, and these tended to be more mental. “Everything is sort of blunted and muted, whereas with marijuana it’s intensified.”This “numbness” was associated with a longer duration of sex while drunk. It “sometimes lasts too long,” one female respondent said.

Rather, the purpose was to obtain a rigorous qualitative assessment of the different effects of alcohol and marijuana on people’s sexual behaviours and to use this as a jumping-off point for future quantitative research.